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General Specification
Electrical Specification
Standard Acessoriees
Optional attachments

6 Colour CI Flexo Machine

24" (600 mm) Economy Model

Minimum size economy model. It is typical solution for low budjet projects. The design is for minimum cost with out compromise to performance results.

Perfect maintainance of acuracy of colour registration

The main advantage of CI Flexo machine is the capability to keep acurate register of diffrent plates (colours) irrespective of the variation in web tension or speed of the machine. The substrate is plugged to the main Central Impression drum by a nip roller and all the impressions are put on the same drum. This isolate the unwinding web tention from the rest of operation of printing. Wraping of the substrate around the curved suface of the Central Impression drum completely eliminate the chance for wringles in extreme thin substrate. The meshing of every Plate Drum Gears to the Main Drum Gear directly with out any intermediate eleminates the chance of back-clash and posible register variation. Even if the web tention, in unwinding or re winding parts, are varied the acurate regester of printing colours maintained un changed.

Speedy quering system

The highly conductive Central Impression drum enable the application of enormous heat directly to the substrates with out harm. This evoprate the solvent instantly and the speedy quering of the print enabled. This factor increas the speed of printing machine and high out put is assured.

Air cooled Stainless Steel Central Drum

Main Central Drum is the heart of the CI Flexo machine. The Drum is prepared from high quality Stainless Steel. Adequately protected by its basic structure. Heavy duty steel structure and dynamic balancing of Centrla Drum & Main Gear make the system move haslessly and vibration free. The cooling system built in the Drum keep it adequatly cooled.

Nylon mesh gear protuct the Main Central Gear from wear & tire

The gears meshing with the Main Central Gear are made of Nylon to protuct the Main Gear from ware & tire assuering trouble free function and very long life.

Easy mounting of Plate Drums

The mounting system of Plate Drums are designed from the point of view of operater. Quick change of Plate Drum is assured with out help of any tools.

Easy Mounting of Anilox Rollers

In CI Flexo machines the change of Anilox Rollers are invariable depending on the design properties. Freequent cleaning also is necessary to keep the quality of jobs. So the mounting of Anilox Rollers are designed for easy operation handling of Anilox Rollers.

Perfect Chambered Blade System

Chambered Blade System for ink supply to Anilox Rollers assure uniform and consistent application of ink on to the Anilox Roller and thereby perfect impression is obtained. The carefull angel setting guarentee the long life for the Doctor-Blade and anilox Roller as well as the optimum level of ink supply. Our Chambered Blade System is designed to keep up international standards in application.

Innovative Ink Tank

Our R&D department came up with a unique Ink Tank which is attached to the Chambered Blade System. It helps very easy handling of ink. Enclosed Ink Tank and Chambered Blade System minise the use of solvent for the ink and keeping consistancy in viscosity and colour. It reduce the sovent consemtion to 1/3 when compare to open tray ink application.

Safety-Chuck for roll loading

The application of Safety-Chuck sytem to unwinding and rewinding system enable smooth tool free work for roll changing. The roll changing operation is reduced to less than three minutes by the use of inovative Safety-Chuck sytem

Carefree Auto Web alaignment

The use of Hydro-Pneumatic Automatic Web Aligner make the feeding system trouble free in operation of web management. Initial wastage of materials on roll changing is completely eliminated.

Quick roll changing system

The use of Safety-Chuck sytem and spare feeding shaft enable the feeding system trouble free and quick. The roll changing time is considerably reduced to less than three minutes. The production is enhanced considerably.

User friendly Controle Panel

Controle Panel is the main tool of operater and so the controle panel is designed from the operator's point of view. Necessary motor drive controls, temperature controles, speed contoles, etc. are properly arranged. Necessary switches and pilot-lams are provided for trouble free operation. Necessary digital dispays are provided for easy status finding.

Compact Design

The total machine is compactly designed for minimum space and optimum performance.

Silent Operation

Carefull emloyment of nylon gears make the gear system silent and smooth with out compromising any quality of the machine in operation or out put. It assure long durability and minimum tire. Minimised use of gears in in-feeding and out-feeding systems reduces the chances for sound.

The use of double suction silent blowers for quering system also contribute to the silent operation of the machine

Ceramic Heating System

The use of ceramic heaters, fully insulated, enable the curing system very efficiant. The radiation and convection system of heat exchage is very efficiantly emloyed. The ample air flow ensure speedy evaporation of solvent and consistency in temperature. Digtal Temperature Controles ensure acuracy of temperature through out the operation. Blowers and heaters are automatically deployed and shut down eleminating the possible neglect of operaters and thereby considerable saving is achieved.

Protective Safety Systems

All necessary protective systems are installed on mechanical side as well as electrical side. All the gear systems are protectively covered. Moving parts are safely installed. All necessary protective devices are installed in electrical systems. Emergency switches, exigency shut down etc. Are provided in diffrent parts of the machine.

Substrate Reversing System

By the use of this system the substrate is carried from printing unite after 3rd printing station to a cross bar system where the substrate is twilted to reverse side. Then it is guaided back to the 4th printing unit and the rest printing units print on the other side. Thus both sides can be printed simonlteniously, both side three colours each

General Specifications


Web Width

600 mm (24”)


Number of prining units



Printing method




Shaft unwinding with Safty-Chuck System



Shaft unwinding with Safty-Chuck System



Syncronized two drive system


Quering of print

Hot air blow system

1. Around the main Central Impression drum.

2. Inside the over head quering chamber

Electrical Specifications


Main Drive

3 HP 3 phase motor with VFD controle

1 No.

2.250 KW


Rewinder Drive

2 HP 3 phase motor with VFD controle

1 No.

1.500 KW



0.6 HP double sucction centrifugal blower

3 Nos.

1.350 KW


Web Alaigner Drive

1 HP 3 phase motor

1 No.

0.750 KW


Ceramic Heaters

1 KW each

12 Nos.

12.000 KW


Air Heaters

1 KW each

4 Nos.

4.000 KW


Flourecent TubeLights

40 W each

3 Nos.

0.120 KW


LED Lights

7 W each

6 Nos.

0.042 KW



Floor Length

6 Meters

Floor Width

2 Meters


2.5 Meters

Standard Accessories


Plate Rollers - Print length 30cm to 50 cm – Six sets

36 Nos.


Unwinding shaft with 2 cone & 1 Core Jack

2 Sets


Rewinding shaft with 2 cone & 1 Core Jack

2 Sets


Standard tools

1 Set

Optional Attachments

1. Plate Rollers
2. Ceramic Anilox Rollers
3. Automatic Web Alaigner
4. Automatic Tension Controle
5. Web Viewing System
6. Automatic Colour Registration Controle

24" Economy
24" Standard
36" Standard
36" Delux
36" Super Delux

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