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Eight Colour Rotogravure Printing Machine

Cartridge type Cylinder and Ink loading

Cartridge type loading of Feed Rolls

Distributed Control Panel

Separable in to two machines

Universally reversible for both side printing

Servo-controlled registration and web-alignment.

        The basic design is made from the point of view of machine-operator and is user friendly. The print view and inspection is made easy by providing peculiar window for that purpose. Oil-dipped worm gear box for the transmission makes the machine run smoothly and silently. The air circulation through silent blowers makes the efficiency of the print drying faster and with less pressure on the substrate and reduced noise, and electrical power.

        The initial tasks like loading of cylinders, loading of rolls, register synchronization are made easy through new mechanisms. Once printed cylinders can be reloaded and printed with out going through much of the register synchronization tasks and avoid wastage of substrate.

        The Cartridge loading of Printing Cylinder and inking unit enable the loading of print jobs very quick. Quick change over of print job is assured by this mechanism. Feed rolls are mounted on to the machine by trolley loading mechanism. Even heavy rolls can be loaded very easily. The loading of rolls are done outside the machine on trolley and pushed inside to the machine to fix it. This mechanism make the loading of heavy rolls very comfortable. The feeding system is easily movable to in-between any printing units so that minimum run-length can be maintained in case of print jobs having lesser colours. The peculiar feeding mechanism makes the machine suitable to attach any kind of Web-Aligner or Web-Tension-Controls to the machine.

        The built-in distributed control panels are extremely comfortable for the operators. Almost all the basic operations on run-time can be done from any of the panel attached to each printing units. The operator can on/ off any drive like winding drive, main-drive, dryer-air-circulators, lights etc., increase/decrease the winding torque, speed of main-drive etc., adjust web alignment etc., from any control panel. The register synchronization is done by motor drives and feather touch push button switches for that purpose is very comfortably placed in each of the control panel. Power distribution is from very safe buss-bars supported by high quality MCB and circuit terminators. The electrical equipment like dimmer state, rectifiers etc. are isolated from machine and are enclosed in separate cabin placed suitably away from operation side. Necessary pilot lamps are provided so that the status of the machine and switches can be ascertained at any point of time.

        All the controls are very comfortably and conveniently placed in the control panels and the operation is quite simple. The technology used is quite advanced and the operations are made most simple and user friendly.

General specifications


Web Feeding System

Shaft unwinding system with felt-clutch for break, on wheels and detachable from main machine. Can be loaded out side the machine.

3 Units

Web winding System

Surface winding driven by torque motor fixed to two ends of the machine with twin winding shafts

2 Units


On wheels fitted with inking system, detachable from main machine. Cylinder and ink can be loaded out side the machine.

8 Units

Drying System

By heaters and blowers mounted on each printing unit with ducts to distribute on both side

8 systems

Required floor length

15 Meters for convenient operation


Machine Height

2.5 Meters


Machine Width

Depends on the various web width of the machine





Electrical specifications of the available sizes

 All drive motors are three-phase AC motors with Variable Frequency Drive

Web Width

Drive motors

Winder Motor

Heating Load

Synchronous Motors 25 W


45 CM

2 HP two Nos.

0.5 HP Torque Motor two Nos.

1.5 KW 8 Nos.

23 Nos.

400 W

60 CM

3 HP two Nos.

0.5 HP Torque Motor two Nos.

2 KW 8 Nos.

23 Nos.

400 W

75 CM

3 HP two Nos.

0.5 HP Torque Motor two Nos.

2 KW 8 Nos.

23 Nos.

400 W

90 CM

5 HP two Nos.

1 HP Torque Motor two Nos.

3 KW 8 Nos.

23 Nos.

400 W

105 CM

5 HP two Nos.

1 HP Torque Motor two Nos.

4 KW 8 Nos.

23 Nos.

800 W





Optional Attachments :        

1.        Web Tension Controller :    Micro processor controlled Web Tension Controller  is typical attachment for accurate maintenance  of print registration. Irrespective of the the feed roll size the tension of the web will be maintained uniformly through out printing session using electronic tension sensors. Micro computer based electronic system assure the accuracy of the operation. 

2.        Web Aligner :    The attachment can be mounted at the feed section and/or at the winding section. If attached at the feed section, it will assure the alignment of the feed rolls even if the feed roll is slipped or is not properly wound for use in printing machines. One edge of the feed film is sensed by air sensors (pneumatically) or by electronic light sensors and the feed roll is aligned and adjusted to the main web line. If it is fitted to the winding section, it will assure the perfect wound rolls in the out put, even if the feed rolls are defective in winding, or if some operational mistake occurred so that it may vitiates the  proper winding. It will help the subsequent use of the printed rolls in automatic packing machines.

3.        Additional Cylinder Cad ridges :    It will help to increase the production by saving job changing time. Since the ink and cylinder are provided in the Cadridge, pre-loaded Cad ridges will reduce the change over time considerably.

4.        Additional Feed Trolley :    It will help to increase the production by saving feed roll changing time. The feed rolls can be  pre-loaded on the Trolley and quick change over of Trolley will reduce the changing  time considerably.