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Film Slitting Machine

Compact design

User friendly operation

Easy Drive controls

Shaft winding mechanism

Elegantly designed for compact and easy operation. The user friendly control panel enable the operator to do almost all the run time operations from one position. Web alignment mechanism is very conveniently places so that it can be done from any operating side of the machine. Loading of feed roll can be comfortably done even for very heavy rolls. Multiple reels of slits are winded on two shaft in the alternative order  and each shaft can handle rolls of different diameters on same shaft.

General specifications

Nip rollers or Guide rollers

A set of one Rubber roller and one Ebonite or Hard chrome plated mild steel roller pressed together which regulate and drive the machine.

Un-winding system

Shaft driven break system with felt-clutch as break

Winding System

Shaft driven winding system with felt-clutch driven shaft and felt-clutch mounted  Core-holder cons.


1.5 Meters


1.5 Meters


Depends on the web width selected






Electrical specifications of the available sizes

Web Width

Drive Motor

Blower Motor

50 CM

1 HP DC motor

0.5 HP Single Phase Motor

100 CM

2 HP DC motor

1 HP Single Phase Motor

150 CM

3 HP DC motor

1 HP Single Phase Motor






Optional Attachments :        

1.        Web Tension Controller :    Micro processor controlled Web Tension Controller  is typical attachment for accurate maintenance  film tension, avoiding wrinkles and undesired tension properties. Irrespective of the the feed roll size the tension of the web will be maintained uniformly through out lamination session using electronic tension sensors. Micro computer based electronic system assure the accuracy of the operation. 

2.        Web Aligner :    The attachment can be mounted at the feed section and/or at the winding section. If attached at the feed section, it will assure the alignment of the feed rolls even if the feed roll is slipped or is not properly wound for use in lamination machines. One edge of the feed film is sensed by air sensors (pneumatically) or by electronic light sensors and the feed roll is aligned and adjusted to the main web line. If it is fitted to the winding section, it will assure the perfect wound rolls in the out put, even if the feed rolls are defective in winding, or if some operational mistake occurred so that it may vitiates the  proper winding. It will help the subsequent use of the printed

3.        Additional Feed Trolley :    It will help to load big 'Jumbo' rolls and  increase the production by saving feed roll changing time. The very heavy Jumbo or Bulk  feed rolls can be  pre-loaded on the Trolley, away from the machine and quick change over of Trolley will reduce the changeover  time considerably.