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Rotogravure Printing Attachment

to be fitted with extruder

To be fitted on line in btween extruder and winder

Simple installation :      Easy to install in line with extruder in between extruder and winder

No additional Labour :     By a simple training any extruder operator can manage the printing operation

No Power requirement :   The is derive drive from the existing winder and hence no additional power is required

Occupy small space :   Shall fit in the space between most of the extruders and winders.

Small investment  :  Very low cost when compared to most of the rotogravure printing machines.

General specifications

Web width




45 CM

1 Meter

75 CM

50 CM

60 CM

1 Meter

100 CM

50 CM

90 CM

1 Meter

120 CM

50 CM

120 CM

1 Meter

150 CM

50 CM






Electrical specifications of the available sizes

No Additional power is required unless optional motor drive is mounted. Motor drive can be provided depending on the size of the extruder





Optional Attachments :        

1 Indipendent Frame to mount on

2 Mount to be fitted to the frame of extuder