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Center Or Side Sealed Pouch making Machine

Suitable to make pouches from heat sealable poly laminate substrates like 

Polyester-poly, BOPP, Glosinpoly etc.

Pouch making from heat sealable poly-laminate materials are made easy. Pouches of various packaging purposes can be produced by this machine. Packets having the look and appearance of automatic form-fill machine made bags can be made by this machine. Pouches can be either side sealed or centre sealed.

Center sealed pouches -  Centre -sealed pouches are made from single sheet poly laminate with heat sealable inner lining. The substrate is folded lengthwise  on two sides and the edges are brought together in the middle. It is then sealed together and lay-flat and wound.. Then cross sealed at the appropriate position and cut at the cutting mark. The cross sealing and cutting can be done by a separate ordinary bag-making machine or in the same machine it self. The sealing heads can be changed for different patterns.

Side Sealed Pouches -  Side sealed pouches can be made from a single sheet or from two sheets of substrate. Two feeding systems are provided for feeding two reels. Side sealed pouches from single sheet are made by first folding through the centre and the edges are brought together at one side. It is then open edge is sealed together or open edge and folded edge are sealed and then can be wound to roll to make the pouches by another cross sealing and cutting machine. Side sealed pouches can be made from two sheets of substrate. The substrate can be same type or different type. Two rolls of substrates are fed from two different feed stations in such a way that the heat sealable side are brought together. Both edges are sealed and wound to make the pouches by cross sealing and cutting.

The basic design is made from the point of view of machine-operator and is user friendly. The built-in control panel is extremely comfortable for the operators. Almost all the basic operations on run-time can be done from the panel of the machine. Necessary pilot lamps are provided so that the status of the machine and switches can be ascertained at any point of time.

General specifications

Web Feeding System

Shaft unwinding system with drum break

2 Units

Web winding System

Shaft winding system driven by felt clutch fixed to  end of the machine

1 Units

Sealing mechanism

Using heaters and pressure applicators


Required floor length

4 Meters for convenient operation


Machine Height

1 Meters


Machine Width

Depends on the various web width of the machine







Electrical specifications of the available sizes

All motors are three-phase AC motors with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Web Width

Drive motors

Heating Load

45 CM

1 HP

250W 4 Nos.

60 CM

1 HP

250W 4 Nos.

75 CM

1 HP

250W 4 Nos.

90 CM

1.5 HP

250W 4 Nos.

105 CM

1.5 HP

250W 4 Nos.